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Published 7:16 PM, August 23, 2019

Behind Sentro 1771’s Iconic Sinigang na Corned Beef with Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco

Sinigang is undoubtedly a quintessential Filipino dish. It represents the resourcefulness of locals, with the sour soup being a simple medley of backyard ingredients. It also expresses the people’s diversity of taste. Every time you eat is a different experience, depending on who makes it. That’s even truer nowadays, as restaurants serve their own iterations. Sentro 1771, an institution in the modern Filipino cuisine scene, was one of the firsts to recreate the soup. Their Sinigang na Corned Beef is now an iconic Metro Manila dish.

Published 1:05 AM, July 19, 2019


We are digging deeper into the Manila foodie scene and we met our friend Spanky who is quite known in the Manila foodie scene and some food bloggers at Sentro 1771 to try some of their signature dishes. Sinigang became one of our favourite dishes lately because it's simple, healthy and delicious. And oh boy, that Sinigang is AMAZING! What is one of your favourite Filipino dishes?


Since you guys loved our first Filipino Breakfast video so much (Three Filipino Breakfast Favorites) we decided to give it another try. In today's Vlog we got to try the most delicious Champorado (rice pudding), Tsokolate (hot chocolate) and Tuyo (dried fish). And we think we definitely should eat that more often ;p)

Published 12:45 AM, October 25, 2018

Breakfast is served

The restaurant also carries pancakes on its breakfast menu. Called Sentro Pancakes, these are homemade, so they come light and fluffy

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it fires you up with a strong boost of energy to last you the whole day, be it in school or at work. Unfortunately, the fast-paced world has made everyone’s schedule so hectic that you often do not have enough time to really sit down and enjoy a good breakfast with the family. So, usually, it is a quick bite at a fast-food restaurant or a café in the neighborhood. But must you always have pancakes, waffles, hash-browns or hotdogs all the time?

Published 12:08 AM, September 28, 2018

Must Try: Garlic Steak

Among the many new offerings they have, sous chef Claudette Cuares of 1771 group of restaurant recommends a particular dish for us:

Sounds simple right? Well, excluding the preparations for it, the dish is easy to comprehend. The meat is marinated in garlic purée and soy sauce for 24 hours before grilled. The blade steak is then topped with garlic butter. It’s a straightforward taste that spot-on captures the pinoy palate: Matamis, maalat, makarne. Basically, the tender beef is brimming with umami and has a touch of garlicky saltiness. The juices are sweet and savory. It’s protein you’d love to eat with or without rice.

Published 12:06 AM, September 27, 2018

What makes a classic?

WHAT MAKES something a classic? To many people, it means something that has proven itself over the years to be consistently of merit.

Sentro 1771, one of the restaurants under the 1771 group (which includes Chateau 1771, Café 1771, and Flatiron 1771) has made it its task to redefine classics in Filipino cuisine and make their version a new classic.

For example, during a lunch at its branch in Capitol Commons, they brought out their Corned Beef Sinigang, made with the usual vegetable accouttrements, but made with cuts of beef cured in-house for three to five days. This has been a staple in the menu since about the early 2000s, and the memory still brings a smile to many of Manila’s diners. It can be argued that the dish has since become a new classic, and would probably be remembered decades from now.

Published 11:00 AM, August 21, 2018

Sentro 1771 is Where Tradition and Innovation Converge

SINIGANG NA CORNED BEEF. The signature dish that catapulted Sentro 1771 into fame. Photos by Amanda Lago/ Rappler

Sentro 1771, true to its name, is a meeting point. It is where several different qualities and ideas converge — of past and present, of laidback and sophisticated, of homegrown and international.

For over 15 years now, it has maintained this balance, creating delectable culinary experiences for many living in the Metro.

Established in 2002, the restaurant was born out of a passion for pushing the bounds in what it means to be Filipino food. With the tagline “First in Modern Filipino Cuisine,” It prides itself on its ability to reimagine and synergize.

From using foreign techniques in cooking (Swiss and French to be exact) while still keeping true to traditional Filipino flavors, to architecture that evokes the Commonwealth-era but is still modern and chic.

This innovative knack has become one of Sentro 1771’s greatest strengths in keeping its name still at the forefront of conversations. And just like what they did with their signature Sinigang na Corned Beef, every so often Sentro 1771’s exhibits their skill by proving that there will always be more spins to classic local dishes.