Vegetable and Salad.

History: S - Solo (Serv) | SH - Sharing (Serv) | F - Family (Serv)

Sitaw Express 

Sitaw and green sili in coconut milk

S - 185.45 Php SH - 285.45 Php

Tofu Steak Tocho

Fried tofu tossed in sesame oil and topped with sweetsour sauce made with tausi, fermented tofu, onions and tomatoes.

S - 145.95 Php SH - 245.00 Php

Beef Tapa Salad

Green ice lettuce, tuyo vinaigrette, air-dried beef tapa, onions and tomatoes.

S - 225.95 Php SH - 395.45 Php

Stir-Fried Ampalaya & Malunggay

Thinly sliced bitter melon Cooked with garlic, onions, Chicken, pork and shrimp

S - 255.45 Php SH - 399.95 Php

Adobong Kangkong

Water spinach cooked in garlic, vinegar and soy sauce.

S - 135.95 Php SH - 235.95 Php

Camote Cups

Plump rice noodles topped with flavorful shrimp head sauce made from scratch, complete with all our favorite toppings: shrimp, chicharon, tinapa flakes & hardboiled egg.

S - 185.95 Php SH - 359.95 Php

Green Mango Salad

Green mangoes, tomatoes, onions, cucumber and salted duck egg, topped with fried fish brittle, muscovado-soy dressing and bagoong.

S - 249.95 Php SH - 495.95 Php

Naked Lumpia with Vietnamese Crepe

Our version of lumpiang hubad! Cabbage, string beans, tofu, shrimp, chicken and pork.

S - 269.95 Php SH - 535.45 Php

Tomato-Kesong Puti Salad

Salad tomatoes, deep-fried white cheese and lettuce in tomatoPhilippine anchovy dressing

S - 295.45 Php SH - 565.45 Php

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with Baguio beans, cabbage, carrots, sweet potato, onions and squash.

S - 165.45 Php SH - 299.95 Php

Grilled Eggplant w/ Bagoong Guisado

With smoky flavor and soft texture, it’s great side dish for grilled fish or pork. Served with shrimps paste

S - 185.45 Php SH - 335.45 Php


Dried gabi leaves simmered gently in coconut milk, garlic and a little chili

S - 169.95 Php SH - 280.45 Php

Seafood Laing

Level-up laing with garlic shrimps, fried hito flakes and grilled squid

S - 295.95 Php SH - 575.45 Php

Prices are inclusive of 12% VAT and subject to 10%  service charge .