A la Sentro.

Stir-Fried Chicken and Tofu 

Diced boneless chicken meat, fried tofu, spring onions, sili leaves and oyster sauce.

290.00 Php

Fish, Tofu and Eggplant Torta

Eggplant torta filled with flaked bangus, and tofu.

270.00 Php

Beef Ribs Binagoongan 

Beef short ribs and beef shoulder browned and  stewed until tender with garlicky bagoong

390.00 Php

Lengua with Mushroom Salpicao

Tender-to-the-bite ox tongue lightly fried in olive oil and topped with garlicky mushrooms.

550.00 Php

Sugar-Free Humba

Pork belly stewed in soy sauce, rhum, vinegar, fermented black beans and coco sap sweetener.

360.00 Php

Tilapia Fillets in Coconut Milk

Flavored with garlic, ginger and coconut milk on a bed of malunggay.

270.00 Php

Tochong Bangus

Boneless bangus stewed in sweet-sour sauce made with cane vinegar, fermented black soy beans, soybean cake, tomatoes, and onions

250.00 Php

Sinigang na Fish of the day in Tamarind and Guava Broth

Fresh whole fish in tamarind and guava broth and camote tops

200.00 Php / 100g

Prices are inclusive of 12% VAT and subject to 10%  service charge .