Pica - Pica.

History: S - Solo (Serv) | SH - Sharing (Serv) | F - Family (Serv)

Duck Pancakes 

Peking pancakes filled with strips of native duck slow-cooked in beer, rhum vinegar, soy sauce and muscovado sugar.

S - 195.00 Php
SH - 395.00 Php

Fried Kesong Puti

Native white cheese, breaded and deep-fried until golden brown. Served with sweet chili guava sauce and garlic dip.

S - 210.00 Php
SH - 400.00 Php

Organic Sisig

Tenderized chopped organic pork face tossed in onions and soyvinegar-calamansi sauce.

S - 220.00 Php
SH - 440.00 Php

Crispy Drunken Shrimps

Sentro’s version of “nilasing na hipon” fried to crispy crunchiness.

S - 245.00 Php
SH - 495.00 Php

Fried Squid with Toasted Garlic

Lightly fried squid tossed in salt, sugar, browned garlic, dried mango and a little chili.

S - 275.00 Php
SH - 550.00 Php

Sizzling Tofu

Diced tofu in a special soy sauce and mayonnaise dressing. Parang sisig pero tofu!

S - 110.00 Php
SH - 280.00 Php

Fresh Smoked Fish Spring Rolls

Fresh lumpia of tinapang bangus, salted eggs, mustasa, onions and tomato.

S - 150.00 Php
SH - 280.00 Php

Macau Chorizo and Cheese Tidbits

Mini spring rolls filled with Macau chorizo, shallots and keso de bola.

S - 195.00 Php
SH - 380.00 Php

Prices are inclusive of 12% VAT and subject to 10%  service charge .