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First in Modern Filipino Cuisine

From the Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants comes a strategically located establishment serving scrumptious Filipino cuisine. Sentro 1771 is a restaurant offering a modern, sophisticated take on your favorite local dishes.

With beautiful wooden interiors and warm lighting, this restaurant imbibes a classy, native feel that’s perfect for hearty dinners and get-togethers. Have casual meals with friends in their al fresco or step inside for a more formal dining setting.

Sentro 1771 serves generously-sized meals at reasonable prices. Their Sinigang na Corned Beef is a crowd favorite and is what propelled this restaurant into fame. Other bestsellers include their Fried Kesong Puti, Adobo Catfish Flakes, and Rated GG.

This beloved restaurant also has yummy desserts and native beverages. Get your forks ready as their massive coffee bean sans rival is great for sharing. Cool down with their refillable sago’t gulaman; supple tapioca pearls, sweet juice, and crushed ice will brighten the eyes of relatives and friends coming from abroad.

From its delicious dishes to its excellent customer service, Sentro 1771 epitomizes everything wonderful about being Filipino.

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